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Need Carpet Cleaning service in Billings Montana? ‘It’s Not Easy Being Me”.  said the carpet in the bedroom to the carpet in the hall.” Everyone seems to think that it’s easy to lie flat on my belly all day and enjoy people and pets walking all over me. That’s all I do is lay flat on my belly and take the abuse and torment of people walking all over me.

Carpets have feelings too. They take a lot of punishment. You walk on them every day and track a lot of dirt, dust, gravel particles and mud into the mix. Add a generous amount of seasonal  slush or rain water or whatever else the family and its pets drag in to add to the mess and like magic,  your once clean carpet begins to look like something the cat dragged in, a bit tired, shabby and just plain dirty.

If you have pets, they have no doubt added some of their favorite smells  to the mix. Wet fur, muddy paws the smell of raw garbage plus a whole lot of other putrid smelling surprises they managed to get into. That once beautiful white carpet that you loved and admired has turned into a haggard rag of a rug. What’s a  person to do?


The Best Carpet Cleaning service in Billings Montana, aka Premier Carpet Cleaning will clean your carpet and restore it to like-new condition. You will be amazed at how great it will look and feel after we do our magic. Your carpet will look  as clean and fresh as it did when it was first installed nearly ten years ago.

Not only will your carpet be squeaky clean, more importantly, it will be free of germs, bacteria, viruses odors and god only knows what other unknown petri dish critters managed to work their way into your rug. Your family can begin  to play  around  on your bright, brand new looking, germ free, 10 year old carpet.

It’s a fact,  when you call Billing’s Best Carpet Cleaning Service, aka Best Carpet Cleaning service in Billings Montana expect and receive the absolute finest carpet cleaning service possible from our highly rated, best trained carpet technicians. Our guys and gals take great pride in the quality of their work. They are in fact, carpet magicians who  will not only clean your carpets, but they will also look, smell and feel  better and cleaner than ever and will stay that way longer then you might think possible.! Your ten year old carpets will get its mojo back and get back in the game. We have a lot more about our odor removal service to share with you later.

Our Experts Use only The Highest Quality Carpet Cleaning Equipment

You may have noticed an increased number of  “pop up” carpet cleaners in  your neighborhood lately. While our company  has spent thousands on upgrading  our equipment, including the most efficient heavy duty extraction units that squeeze every last drop of water from your carpet.

Many of these carpet cleaners use inexpensive rental equipment that can’t compare to our state of the art  machines.  They tend to move the cleaning solution and dirt around but never remove it completely.  You end up with a half cleaned and  wet carpet, the perfect environment for mold, mildew and the leftover dirt  their machines failed to pick up. Much our success can be attributed to a couple of basic practices.

  • We use the most advanced mechanized cleaning equipment
  • Our Custom made cleaning agents are designed to safely clean even the most delicate rug fabrics


Count on and trust Billings based Premier Carpet Cleaning to save the day and your carpet too. We are locally owned and have served our Montana  clients for over 20 years. We offer our customers 100 percent satisfaction and our promise that our system is completely safe for your children and pets. Call for a free estimate. We invite you to fill out your online request for service and for a no obligation price quotation while you’re at it. Call Today For Your Free Estimate 406-698-9565

Don’t take our word for it. We invite you to review a few comments from our customers, which were posted on our site.  Here’s one from Debra Peak, one of our satisfied customers.

“Hands down I have received the best customer service. I have two young children who create lots of messy carpets. Every time I would call Don, he was very accommodating and fit me in that day. He is very meticulous in his work which I appreciate very much. I would recommend him to everyone I talk to. – Debra Peak

There’s more we can do to improve your home, Our all American  company uses American Made equipment that has been tested by our  labs to insure that it is safe to use on your carpet.The sme testing has been done with components of our ALL ODORS GONE’s odor removal system. Our advanced odor removal process has proved to be a safe product that can be used with confidence by our crews and customers alike. This product is part of our fast growing odor removal segment that is revolutionizing our industry

Welcome To Billings – Miracle Vapor Gassing System

Clean carpets go hand in hand with fresh smelling carpets when you use our incredible All Odors Gone system. If your home is plagued with a perpetual odor that ordinary cleaning cannot remove, our system will. In fact, If we can’t get rid of your odor within 24 hours, Premier Carpet, the Best Carpet Cleaning Service in Billings Montana Will Pay You $200. How’s that for confidence? Get the ball rolling with a FREE HOME INSPECTION. All it takes is a phone call to start the process.

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Our Process Is a Permanent Fix

Every home has an occasional encounter with bad odors. But if that horrible stink you smell has become a permanent part of your home’s character, you need us and our odor removal system. Best Carpet Cleaning Billings Montana has the solution that will clear the air and PERMANENTLY destroy and obliterate the smell and the bad memories it left behind.

Our process removes the toughest odors. When we say PERMANENTLY. We mean it. Our amazing system doesn’t temporarily cover or mak the odors for a time, only to return when the perfumed scent dissipates.  Our unique, proprietary process uses the power of CLO2, aka Chlorine Dioxide to clear your home of the unpleasantries like:

The Top 7 Odors

  • Pet urine odor elimination- especially cat litter boxes
  • Cigarette smoke odor removal
  • Cooking odors completely removed, such as fish and curry
  • Musty basement and crawl space odor removal
  • All Automobile odors are gone completely with our system within 1 hour.
  • Smoke odor elimination from a house fire
  • Indoor Marijuana smoke odors are removed completely within 24 hours.

You may have additional odors that plague you and affect your quality of life.


The components have been available since the early 19th century.  We have since further developed and refined the system and its workings to make it even safer or our customers.

Despite the chlorine listed as an ingredient, there is no harmful chlorine bleach associated with ALL ODORS GONE.  It will have no harmful effects on the health of your children or your pets. To the contrary, It has been proven safe and effective for removing odors and  any traces of pollen and  and other irritants that can affect your family’s health. That’s good news for asthma sufferers and those who have other breathing difficulties as well as young children and the elderly. You will be amazed at the results you will get when you hire the Best Carpet Cleaning in Billings Montana to clear the air and clean your carpet.

Count on us for fast service at affordable pricing.

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